Week 3 Term 2 Newsletter

Read all about what our Year 4’s have been up to, as well as lots of other fantastic news! 2023.05.12 Newsletter

Week 1 Term 2 Newsletter

Welcome to Term 2 and our first Newsletter with special pictures from ANZAC day. 2023.04.27 Newsletter

Week 10 Newsletter

All of the news from our final week of Term One.  We hope everybody enjoys a blessed and safe Easter as well as enjoying the term break. 2023.04.06 Newsletter

Week 9 Newsletter

Our Foundation class have been busy this week doing their first Service Learning Project.   2023.03.30 Newsletter

Week 8 Newsletter

Find out what our Year 1’s have been researching with their Project Based Learning.   2023.03.23 Newsletter

Week 7 Newsletter

Lots of sports day news and photos from a great day last week. 2023.03.16 Newsletter.

Week 6 Newsletter

Find out what our Year 2’s have been doing and all of the other weekly news. 2023.03.09 Newsletter

Week 5 Newsletter

Information about all of our upcoming events are included in the edition of the Newsletter. 2023.03.02 Newsletter

Week 4 Newsletter

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday plus all of our other news from this week. 2023.02.23 Newsletter